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Driven by the power of collaboration and connection

Led by Andy Butler, ABC has embarked on a mission to transform the way professionals in the construction sector connect, learn, and grow.

Reworkingthe Industry

ABC has pioneered a dynamic platform that fosters meaningful relationships and synergies within the construction sector.

Our mission is to unite professionals, from architects and engineers to contractors and suppliers, creating a vibrant community where innovation thrives.

Needle in a  Haystack

The UK is home to over 97,000 construction companies and over 1 million contractors.

With numbers like that, it can be difficult for new businesses to find the right partner for their projects or even get regular work in the commercial space. ABC’s platform solves this problem.

Our Heritage

With over 25 years experience, ABC has crafted a map for navigating the construction industry, saving our clients valuable time and no wasted effort in finding the right businesses and contractors for their projects. 

We ensure this by following our values of:


We believe the best solutions are born from diverse perspectives coming together.


Building bridges between professionals, projects, and possibilities fuels our collective growth.


Embracing new ideas and technologies is crucial for staying ahead in this ever-evolving field.

How do we do it?

ABC provide a suite of professional services to help startups and established organisations grow their business.


Our trusted network ensures that you immediately start making money as we match you to the right client for your skills & experience.

ABC Events

Gain exclusive access to ABC Signature Series Events, an invite-only, premier networking event where deals and relationships are forged.

Why does it matter?

The construction industry thrives on partnerships. By cultivating a vibrant network of industry players, we’re not only enhancing business prospects but also driving the evolution of the sector itself.

Through ABC, we’re sowing the seeds of innovation, knowledge-sharing, and transformative collaborations.

Taking your business to the  next level

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Getting you in the right crowd.

Who you know is just as important as what you know.

ABC Signature Events is a fast track to your destination. Our curated events are designed to ensure the right people are in the right room to do the right deals.

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